Welcome to AtoZ in Alma, Arkansas!

We have SIX stores in ONE Place. If you’re into fashion clothing, sports, hunting, home decoration, floral arranging or working with tools, you are sure to enjoy snooping for bargains in one of our stores.

AtoZ - Alma. Arkansas

Kids love AtoZ stores too. We have toys and designer clothing for infants through teens. Our selection of children’s furniture and decorations will turn a child’s room into a dreamy wonderland.

Looking for a unique gift? AtoZ has unusual gift items as well as money-saving bargains on the most asked-for gifts.

Friendly, helpful staff members make sure customers enjoy shopping in every AtoZ store. Your day of shopping will be made complete with a refreshing stop at our country diner located right next to the other stores.

AtoZ is located three miles north of Alma, Arkansas, on U.S. Highway 71 North (map link), easily accessed from Interstate 40 and Interstate 540. We are proud to let you know that our stores are locally owned and operated.

Wholesalers are welcome at AtoZ. Ask a member of our management team about buying in large quantity. Please call us at 479.632.6360, or visit us in person in Alma.

For the next few minutes, slow down the pace a bit and wander through the photo pages of each store, then plan your shopping trip at AtoZ. Bring a friend or a whole bus load. We are confident you will find what you are looking for plus a whole lot more and have a good time doing it!

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Closed Sunday



Online store in the Works!


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